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A. Behaviour

 The behavior of every learner is to such that it encourages respect to all persons as well as self-respect.

  • All learners are to be polite and only good manners are acceptable.
  • No profane language is to be used while on campus at all times.
  • Swearing is an offence.
  • Insolence, whether veiled or open is an offence
  • Bulling, fighting and teasing are strictly forbidden and may lead to dismissal.
  • In keeping with our standard Alcohol drinks, smoking or being in possession of smoking accessories, drugs, gambling is    sdfnot allowed and may lead to dismissal.
  • No toys, games or gadgets are to be brought to school. They will be taken and not given back.
  • Stealing will not be tolerated. This may lead to dismissal of learner.
  • The reading of non-recommended magazines and possession of illegal reading materials will not be tolerated.
  • No riding of bicycles in school grounds is allowed.
  • Learners are not allowed to have their hands in their pockets while addressing an adult.


 B. Dress Code

 The prescribed school uniform must be worn everyday unless so specified by management.

  • Pupil who is not wearing school uniform will not be admitted to class.
  • Hairstyles should not attract undue attention, while modesty and neatness is maintained. No strange hairstyles will be werpermitted i.e. dreadlocks.
  • Untidiness of any nature will be condoned.
  • Sunglasses and caps are not allowed.
  • Learners participating in school activities will be dressed according to school regulations.
  • All jerseys must bear the pupil’s name.
  • Boys and girls should always appear well groomed.
  • No jewelery of any kind is to be worn at school.
  • No blazer or jersey sleeves are to be rolled up.
  • No coloured outwear will be permitted.


C. Punctuality

  All teachers and pupils are expected to be at school at 7:45 a.m.

  • Pupils shall observe all school break periods and shall be punctual for classes after break period.
  • Pupils are expected to attend all scheduled appointments on time.


 D.  Classroom Behaviour

 All learners will line up in double file on the classroom side of the corridor in orderly manner and will enter the classroom when invited by the teacher.

  • After entering the classroom learners stand quietly until instructed by the teacher to sit down.
  • Learners will leave the classroom together in orderly manner only after being instructed to do so.
  • It is an offence to damage desks and classroom property.
  • No eating is permitted in the classroom.
  • No latching in classroom is permitted.
  • No food staff shall be put on windows or desks.


 E.  Corridors

 All learners are to walk in single file and keep strictly on the left.

  • No learner is to run and make noise.
  • No eating along the corridors is allowed.
  • No loitering will be permitted along corridors before or after school or break.
  • No learner will be allowed on premises after school for any reason other than extra mural activities under the supervision zxczof an adult.


F. Assembly

  • Every learner is expected to attend the morning assembly every school day where observation shall be done.
  • Learners will walk in silence when they leave assembly point.
  • Learners shall be accompanied by the teachers from the assembly point unless otherwise.
  • Every learner shall be punctual for assembly.


 G. Absenteseem

    • No learner shall be allowed to be absent from school without a genuine cause. If the learner is absent for whatsoever reason, the parent must send information to the office the next morning.
    • Pupil absent from school shall be subject to punishment or fine.
    • Opening and closing of school days shall strictly be observed as any other school days.

 H. General Rules

 During breaks Communication with outsider across the boundaries is forbidden:

  • Throwing of objects, articles, stones and marbles is strictly forbidden.
  • Littering in the toilets is forbidden.
  • Fighting and rough play is forbidden.
  • Papers and litter are to be deposited in the bins.
  • All pupils are requested to participate in keeping the school premises clean  & beautiful.
  • The property of residents in the area is to be respected at all times and is out of bounds for learners.
  • The office is out of bounds unless specified.
  • No learner shall tamper with staff vehicles or any vehicle in the yard.
  • Damage to property and school property by the learner shall be paid by the pupil involved.
  • The administration is not held responsible for damage while great care is exercised.
  • Pupils who are going with privately arranged transport shall not leave the school premises until they are collected by their  respective transport.
  • Pupils who use public transport shall leave the school premises as soon as class lessons are over.
  • No learner shall go out of school premises without proper permission.
  • Learners are to obey and respect all those in authority including the school captains.
  • Forming of friendships leading to improper relationships and secret meetings will not be tolerated.
  • Knives; toy guns, dangerous weapons or objects are not allowed at school. If found they will be repossessed and disciplinary measures will be taken on the responsible child.
  • All learners will be required to contribute any decided amount towards extra-curricular activities e.g. Sport, trips and other events to defray the expenses.


Terminal tests are administered as part of continuous assessments.



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