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Rules & Policies for the Computer Lab


Bertharry English Private School computer laboratory is a wired configured network that is using a systematic logon to avoid the abuse of computers. below the the usage, rules and policies of the lab such that failure to comply the them may lead to suspension or disciplinary action against the culprit in the lab. There is always a Lab Assistant to STRICKLY assist users for printing,  logon NOT ASSIGNMENTS.


Printing billing and refund


Refunds will be provided ONLY for technical printing issues, e.g., low toner, etc. Refunds will NOT be provided for printing mistakes.

Even if you did not print certain files that appear on your bill, you are still responsible for print charges associated with your username. Sometimes students forget to logout, and another student can accidentally print from your account. Other rare times, your password may not be strong enough, and someone else can hack into your account and print. If you feel these might have been possibilities, please remember to:

     1. Logout after each session;

    2. Choose a secure password and don't share it. The Lab Assistant can assist you in changing your password or choosing a secure password.


Rules, Policies and Regulations


  • No food or drink at computer workstations.
  • No Cell phone or must on silent at all times.
  • No bicycles or bike parts.
  • No disruptive behavior.
  • No moving the lab equipment and/or cables.
  • No laptops on the wired network (exception: Instructors for instructional purposes). It is okay to have laptops in the labs tjkhand be on the wireless network, they just can't be physically plugged into our jacks.
  • No illegal copying of ANY materials.
  • Keep sound levels to a minimum.


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