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Welcome to the website of Bertharry English Private School school. Whether you are a current learner or a parent looking for a school for your child, we hope that you will find this site to be a useful source of information about all aspect of life at our school.



This General School Policy is issued to all teachers of and remains the property of the school. It must be neatly filed in the teachers' subject file. Each learner owes loyalty to the school, the principal and to all colleague and non teaching staff. In-order for the school to function effectively, cooperative staffs are essential. It is imperative that all teachers familiarise themselves with the contents of the General School Policy so that they are aware of internal policies, procedures, instruction and general ethos of the school.


Bertharry English Private School is a Private school dedicated to the pursuit of excellence that caters to all children.

We strive to provide educational experience that will result in the highest degree of personal growth for each student.

We believe in the supreme worth, dignity and unique character of the individual; that our school should provide systematic, disciplined, intellectual training and encourage creativity, limited only by the ability of the learner.


It is our ultimate aim:


  • To provide or direct the effort of staff, parents and learners
  • To provide a measure by which the school can evaluate its progress
  • To provide a safe and conductive environment suitable for teaching and learners to take place
  • To create and develop responsible citizens by providing a supportive and hope giving environment
  • To provide proper healthy communication channels to enhance the culture of learning
  • To eradicate poverty in our surrounding area by reaching out to our community



"Knowledge Is Power, In God We Trust"


  • Accountability
  • Respect
  • Hard Work
  • Success
  • Ubuntu
  • Reliability




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